Estates IT provide many ways of outputting data from the PCHomes Estate Agent Software. However, to help standardise the process we have designed a specific XML output file structure that is being used by many Estate Agents to power their websites, when the website is not provided by Estates IT.

We do not force you to take our websites even though we feel that we provided good value for money for our Website Design Service. Websites powered directly by the Estates IT database provide seamless online website integration. No waiting time for uploads to become live through lengthy upload process. Also we provide a high quality Property Portal Upload Service for Estate Agents and Letting Agents, potentially feeding your data daily to leading property portals using the same software.

This XML file contains a significant amount of information that will allow you to power your website via a bulk upload of data either through manual upload or automation.

Please find links below to download further information and specifications.

XML Property Upload Specification

Estates IT XML Feed Output For PCHomes v8 Document v8.0

This is the full specification document for the two styles of XML file output - with Image Files or with Image URLs

Sample XML Property Data and Images

Feed Output Property and Images Sample

NB The above file is large (715MB) do not download on a mobile device via 3/4/5G if you do not want to use up your data allowance

Sample XML Property Data without Images Files

Feed Output Property Sample

This is a sample XML file with image file name references but no actual image files. It the XML file only contained in the above zip file.

Sample XML Property Data with Image URLs

Feed Output Property Sample URL Images

This is a sample XML file with image URL reference information. Note the live URL for the actual client images will be different but be of the same style.

Sample XML Property File - Blank Structure

Feed Output Property File with blank structure

This example shows you the blank file structure of the XML data with tags but no data.